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Take A Virtual Tour Of Capitol Over At Capitol Tour

Have you been checking out Capitol Tour lately? If you didn’t, you totally should right now. Just look at the home page for Capitol Tour below!

Lionsgate is taming up with Microsoft to create viral site in HTML5 instead of the usual flash. Needless to say, Internet Explorer 9 is needed for the best viewing and touring experience.

“The Capitol recommends you use Internet Explorer 9 during your tour for the best experience of our city,” visitors are told upon arriving.
The “Hunger Games” site features a variety of hidden features for fans of the novel to discover as they wait for the movie. (Hint: Type “ivolunteer” in the Control Room to see an exclusive clip from the movie.) It also uses HTML video in unique ways, skewing the video to fit the circle of screens in the Control Room for example.
Microsoft is looking to differentiate IE9 from rivals Firefox and Chrome. Market share of Internet Explorer has fallen substantially in recent years worldwide on desktop PCs, but Microsoft points to gains for IE9 on Windows 7 as evidence of progress.
Other technical features of the Hunger Games site include high-definition graphics, such as a map of the Arena in the Control Room, which is an HTML5 Canvas element. There are also small particle effects throughout the site that use HTML5 to make the environment feel more active, including smoke, clouds and objects held by characters. Facebook integration brings images of the user’s friends into the site in a variety of ways, as well.
Microsoft and Lionsgate partnered on the site with digital agencies Ignition Interactive and The Nerdery.

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Source: Geek Wire via The Hunger Games Trilogy Fansite.

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