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Tona Dalhquist Speaks To WCNC On ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Homeland’ Extras Casting

Tona Dalhquist recently spoke to WCNC as the extras casting coordinator for ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Hunger Games’.

This year alone, she’s served as the extras casting coordinator not only for ‘Homeland’, but for the feature film, ‘The Hunger Games’. “In August, I know there were days where I actually posted on our Facebook page that over 600 people are filming in Charlotte today between the two projects,” Dahlquist said.

Those productions filmed in places like Freedom Park, which is featured prominently in ‘Homeland’s’ premiere. From the campus of Central Piedmont Community College, to areas of Shelby to the old Philip Morris Plant in Concord, the extras Dahlquist casts have gotten a tremendous taste of what television and moving making is all about.

“On every project I’ve worked on an extra does get upgraded to a speaking line so it is kind of like winning the extra’s lottery,” she laughed.

The days on set can be long and extras need to know up front they’re not going to get rich.

“An average project pays minimum wage for your first eight hours and then time and a half after that. Sometimes there are adjustments say if you come to a wardrobe fitting or if we gave you a haircut or if we’re using your vehicle,” she added. Dahlquist estimates, ‘The Hunger Games’ alone put roughly 3,800 extras to work and even though the feature film based on the wildly popular books has now wrapped, ‘Homeland’ is still shooting.

Don’t forget to read the whole article at for more information, including on how you can submit your details to apply as an extra.

Source: via The Hob.


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