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Cinema Blend Predicts Tomatometer For “The Hunger Games” On Rotten Tomatoes

In this week’s Rotten Week, Doug Norrie at Cinema Blend predicts how “The Hunger Games” movie will fare on Rotten Tomatoes’s Tomatometer where movies get verified as fresh or rotten and accompanied with a percentage based on reviews.

There are certain books written to become movies. And while it isn’t always intentional on the part of the author (or even an obvious pandering to the heartstrings of youthful audience and saps–I’m looking at you Nicholas Sparks) some novels have the characters, setting, plot, problems, ebb and flow that’ll just translate beautifully to the big screen. The Hunger Games is one such work.

The beauty and agony of Collins’ trilogy, but especially the first one The Hunger Games, is that they hold almost nothing back, and short of a few childish moments here and there (mostly with respect to the love stories), don’t shy away from the death and destruction established early in the harsh but rather dichotomous world of Panem. It’s a book I loved and rarely heard an ill word about so there are obvious reasons to get excited for the movie.

The writers here at CinemaBlend have already covered a fair amount of ground with respect to what this movie must get right in the adaptation. I agree with every point. And it appears from early reviews, critics believe director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit-77%) and company have nailed it. They’ve created a flick worthy of the book. Early reviews range from overwhelmingly positive to downright gushing.

Jennifer Lawrence, who really only seems to choose good flicks, appears to be the perfect Katniss. And the trailers prime the pump for a movie full of the kind of emotion and tension Collins established in her book. Though the rest of the trilogy, in this writer’s less than humble opinion, tend to devolve a bit, the first in the series is a clear winner. The movie appears no different. The Rotten Watch for The Hunger Games is 96%.

“The Hunger Games” movie is currently rated as 100% fresh based on the 15 early reviews by critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Do you think 96% is an accurate prediction for “The Hunger Games” movie on Rotten Tomatoes? What rating do you think “The Hunger Games” movie will obtain? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

‘The Hunger Games’ will be released in Singapore on 22 March 2012. Book “The Hunger Games” tickets from Cathay Cineplexes now!

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The Hunger Games mentioned in Lifestyle magazine

Other than The Hunger Games showing this year, there are many other blockbusters that will be showed this year. In the Feburary issue of the Lifestyle magazine, they did a preview of the movies that is coming up.

Image of page.

Close up on The Hunger Games part!

Just in case the image does not load, the words are typed out below:

Based on the trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games revolves around a dystopian society, in which teenagers and children are chosen to fight in a televised battle. The books have a massive, largely young adult following that rivals that of Twilight, and is poised to be the next hit franchise. Brooding romance it is not, but after glittering vampires and shirtless werewolves, a teenage tale of war and survival could be a welcome change of taste.

I don’t think that the Lifestyle magazine is sold outside, but if your parents are members of NTUC, your parents should have it! 🙂

‘The Hunger Games’ will be released in Singapore on 22 March 2012.

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“The Hunger Games” Movie Is Officially Rated PG13 In USA

We knew as far back in January 7, 2011, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “The Hunger Games” director Gary Ross is determined to obtain a PG13 rating for “The Hunger Games” movie in USA.

A visit to “The Hunger Games” movie official website disclosed it has officially gotten a PG13 rating in USA.

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has rated “The Hunger Games” movie with PG13 and a warning of “INTENSE VIOLENT THEMATIC MATERIAL AND DISTURBING IMAGES – ALL INVOLVING TEENS”.

As far as we know, Media Development Authority (MDA) has not rated “The Hunger Games” movie in Singapore yet.

‘The Hunger Games’ will be released in Singapore on 22 March 2012.

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Source: “The Hunger Games” movie official website via DWTC.

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