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District 12 Village Set Land Owner Is Selling It For US$1.4M

Here’s your chance to own the piece of land inclusive of the buildings that were used as District 12 in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie.

According to Leader-Post, Wade Shepard, the land owner is selling:

Wade Shepherd owns an abandoned village. Henry River Mill, N.C., has 72 acres, 20-some buildings, and a lot of moody atmosphere. Nobody cared – until it became the set for yokel-ville District 12 in the movie, The Hunger Games.

Now Shepherd, 83, wants to sell the whole place, for a mere $1.4 million, because he’s sick of Games enthusiasts coming around being annoying.

Duh. Four words, Wade: Hunger Games Theme Park. If he can’t make money off this place, he’s just not trying.

If you have the money, would you buy it?

‘The Hunger Games’, rated PG13, was released on 22 March 2012 and is now available in all cinemas islandwide.

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Russ Bowen Shares Arena Sketches And Pyro Application From ‘The Hunger Games’ Shooting Applications

If you have been following ‘The Hunger Games’ movie productions as closely as we are, you will certainly know who Russ Bowen is. As an anchor for 10pm news on MY40 and reporter for News13 at 11 in Asheville, Russ Bowen continues to keep Hunger Games fans updated regarding the production process by sharing clips, photographs and status updates whenever he could while ‘The Hunger Games’ was filming in North Carolina.

With ‘The Hunger Games’ heading into post-productions, things have been pretty quiet from a while but on 29 December 2011, Russ Bowen shared scans of several hand drawn sketches from ‘The Hunger Games’ onsite shooting applications.

These sketches below will contain layout out of Cornucopia so if you don’t like spoilers for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, it’s best that you don’t read on.

Which scenes do you think these sketches are for?

Russ Bowen went on to share the pyrotechnics application and pyrotechnics license for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie.

Pyrotechnics application questionnaire contains spoilers for the scene where Katniss destroys Career’s food supply.

Pyrotechnics application questionnaire

Pyrotechnics license

He had also provided a site map for North Fork Reservoir where Cornucopia scenes are shot.

North Fork Reservoir (Cornucopia scenes)

We certainly weren’t expecting such information so it came as a bit of surprise to us too.

What do you think of all these sketches and new information? Does it helps you to be able to imagine how the scenes would be like better?

We certainly can’t wait for ‘The Hunger Games’ release on 22 March 2012 in Singapore!

Many thanks to Russ Bowen for sharing all this information!

New Outtakes of Jennifer Lawrence’s EW Hunger Games Photoshoot!

Outtakes from the iconic EW Hunger Games photoshoot which gave us our first glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen have surfaced on Tumblr.

Remember this issue?

What do you think of these photos? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below!

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Source: HungerGamesDWTC, Nephelite

‘The Hunger Games’ Stunt Coordinator Allan Poppleton Speaks To Teen Ink

Teen Ink did an interview with New Zealand born and raised Allan Poppleton who also happens to be a stunt coordinator for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie. As he was currently working on it at the point of interview, he couldn’t speak much about it. Nevertheless, check out an extract of his interview below!

For anyone who loves the film series, The Chronicles of Narnia, the name Allan Poppleton is most likely a familiar one. Allan is the stunt coordinator for all three of these films. But Narnia is not the only place you’ll know him from:

He has also worked on films such as Eragon, The Lord of the
Photo credit: Ebony S., Reading, United Kingdom
Rings and, more currently, (Freak out, girls!) The Hunger Games.

I was recently given the opportunity to interview this amazing stuntman for Teen Ink.

RH- Tell us a little about yourself.

AP- Born and raised in New Zealand. I’m married to Erika Takacs, [who is a] presenter, actress and singer. We have three amazing children: Tai, who is thirteen, Scarlett, who is three and a half and Maximus, who is one.

RH- Aside from The Chronicles of Narnia and Eragon, you have also worked on the film adaption of The Hunger Games; what can fans expect to see?

AP- Hunger Games is going to awesome! I am still working on it at the moment, so am unable to say anything about it…Sorry! But make sure you check it out!

RH- Tell us about the project you’re currently working on.

AP- I’m {working} on Hunger Games in North Carolina at the moment, and I’m still consulting on Spartucus: Vengeance in New Zealand.

It’s a pity he couldn’t share more about ‘The Hunger Games’. Don’t forget to check out the full interview over at Teen Ink!

Thank you so much to Rachel Herriman for sharing her interview with us!

-Vanora (Admin)

Tona Dalhquist Speaks To WCNC On ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Homeland’ Extras Casting

Tona Dalhquist recently spoke to WCNC as the extras casting coordinator for ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Hunger Games’.

This year alone, she’s served as the extras casting coordinator not only for ‘Homeland’, but for the feature film, ‘The Hunger Games’. “In August, I know there were days where I actually posted on our Facebook page that over 600 people are filming in Charlotte today between the two projects,” Dahlquist said.

Those productions filmed in places like Freedom Park, which is featured prominently in ‘Homeland’s’ premiere. From the campus of Central Piedmont Community College, to areas of Shelby to the old Philip Morris Plant in Concord, the extras Dahlquist casts have gotten a tremendous taste of what television and moving making is all about.

“On every project I’ve worked on an extra does get upgraded to a speaking line so it is kind of like winning the extra’s lottery,” she laughed.

The days on set can be long and extras need to know up front they’re not going to get rich.

“An average project pays minimum wage for your first eight hours and then time and a half after that. Sometimes there are adjustments say if you come to a wardrobe fitting or if we gave you a haircut or if we’re using your vehicle,” she added. Dahlquist estimates, ‘The Hunger Games’ alone put roughly 3,800 extras to work and even though the feature film based on the wildly popular books has now wrapped, ‘Homeland’ is still shooting.

Don’t forget to read the whole article at for more information, including on how you can submit your details to apply as an extra.

Source: via The Hob.


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