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Vocal Version Of ‘Deep Shadow’ By T.T.L. Available On iTunes

Do you remember ‘Deep Shadow’ by T.T.L. (Through The Lens) which first appeared in ‘The Hunger Games’ full trailer?

If you don’t remember, here’s the full version of ‘Deep Shadow’ by T.T.L. which is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

T.T.L. (Through The Lens), which according to T.T.L. (Through The Lens) Facebook page, is a “duo formed by new-wave artist Tying Tiffany and Italian electronic producer Lorenzo Montanà.”

T.T.L. has just released a vocal version of ‘Deep Shadow’ which you can listen to below.

Vocal version of ‘Deep Shadow’ is also available for purchase on iTunes and Zerokilled Music.

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‘The Hunger Games’, rated PG13, was released on 22 March 2012 and is now available in all cinemas islandwide.

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Via The Hob.

“Safe & Sound” Tops iTunes Singles Chart

We had posted about Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars “Safe & Sound” being released yesterday and now, it has topped iTunes Singles Chart!

Many thanks to The Hob‘s reader, @_emdash, for the screenshot!

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Music In “The Hunger Games” Teaser Trailer Was Not Composed By Danny Elfman and T. Bone Burnett

Many besides being interested in the actual footage from “The Hunger Games” teaser trailer that made its debut on August 29 SGT, were curious about the music in “The Hunger Games” teaser trailer. Was it composed Danny Elfman and T. Bone Burnett?

Many thanks to Twitter user @MlleNouveau, it appears that the music used in “The Hunger Games” teaser trailer was composed by Michael David Nielsen back in October 2010.

Sources: @MlleNouveau via The Hob.


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