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‘The Hunger Games’ In Movie Line Most Anticipated Movie in 2012

‘The Hunger Games’ has been making it to many most anticipated movie lists in 2012 and these includes Collider and Total Film.

‘The Hunger Games’ has made it to yet another most anticipated movie list again and this time, it’s Movie Line’s “The 20 Most Anticipated Moviegoing Dates of 2012“.

March 23: Fangirl civil war erupts as The Hunger Games makes its first incursion against the creaky, sparkly Twilight empire. The rest of us, faced only with the sad counterprogramming spectacle of A Thousand Words, flee to art-house refugee camps nationwide.

It’s worth noting comments for other movies in the list are written in the same tone too.

‘The Hunger Games’ will open in Singapore on 22 March 2012.

Source: Movie Line via The Hob.

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‘The Hunger Games’ To Open In Singapore On 22 March 2012 According To Cathay Cineplexes

Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd has posted a new status on their Facebook wall which includes ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster with comment that ‘The Hunger Games’ trailer will premiere before ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’. Besides that, Cathay Cineplexes also stated that ‘The Hunger Games’ will be released on 22 March 2012 in Cathay Cineplexes as shown in the screenshot below.

We had reported previously that Cathay Cineplexes will be released on 23 March 2012. What does this means for Hunger Games fans in Singapore? Could it be that we will be able to watch it earlier than fans in United States of America?

We are trying to get a confirmation from Cathay Cineplexes at the moment to ensure this is not a typo. So hold on your horses and keep your fingers crossed!

Update 1 – 25 November 2011: We had went to The Cathay to watch ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ full trailer is indeed attached to it! You can watch ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1’ at any Cathay Cineplexes outlet to catch ‘The Hunger Games’ full trailer!

Update 2 – 25 November 2011: Cathay Cineplexes have confirmed that ‘The Hunger Games’ is now tentatively slated to open on March 22, 2012 in Cathay Cineplexes. Check out the screenshot of the confirmation from Cathay Cineplexes below.

The Hunger Games' is now tentatively slated to open on 22 March 2012 in Cathay Cineplexes

Many thanks to fellow Hunger Games fan Ummehani N S for this tip!

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‘The Hunger Games’ Scheduled To Open In Singapore On March 23, 2012, Distributed by Cathay-Keris Films

Before Hunger Games Singapore fully started, it was noticed that has a ‘The Hunger Games’ movie information page which listed the opening date as March 23, 2012 and the local distributor as Cathay-Keris Films.

We decided to reach out to Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd (Singapore) Facebook Page to clarify. Cathay has confirmed with us that ‘The Hunger Games’ is scheduled to be released in Singapore on March 23, 2012 though they are currently not giving out any Mockingjay pins or The Hunger Games teaser poster.

Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd Confirmed 'The Hunger Games' Release Date

It is expected that ‘The Hunger Games’ will also be screening in all major cinemas besides Cathay Cineplexes.

However, if you would like to see ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster framed in the Coming Soon display, do head down to level 5 of The Cathay at 2 Handy Road! ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster was last spotted in main ‘Coming Soon’ spot along with other major ‘Coming Soon’ teaser posters for movies that will be released in 2011 and 2012 such as ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’.

Unfortunately, as Cathay Cineplexes forbids people to take photos of the posters, we are not able to post a picture of it in this post. I strongly encourage you to head down to level 5 of The Cathay at 2 Handy Road to see the poster or try your luck at other Cathay Cineplexes outlets!

If you do spot ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster at other cinema outlets besides Cathay Cineplexes, do send us a email at, or leave us a tweet on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook page!


‘The Hunger Games’ Teaser Poster, Motion Poster, Countdown Widget And Official Website

This is yet another of our catching up post since these notable revelations had happened before Hunger Games Singapore is 100% on the track.

First of all, if you haven’t check out ‘The Hunger Games’ official movie website yet, you should totally do so now!

The Hunger Games Countdown Widget
Unfortunately, WordPress does not allows embedding of flash items so to get the code for this widget can be found at ‘The Hunger Games’ official movie website.

The Hunger Games Motion Poster
Unfortunately, WordPress does not allows embedding of flash items so to get the code for the motion poster can be found at ‘The Hunger Games’ official movie website. You can also see the motion poster in action at Yahoo! Movies where it first debuted on July 19, 2011.

A day after The Hunger Games motion poster made its debut, Lionsgate released the first ever official teaser poster on their official The Hunger Games movie Facebook page.

Check it out after the jump!

The Hunger Games Official Teaser Movie Poster

You should really click on that cool teaser poster above for the full sized version so you can ogle at it. It’s huge!

That’s the end of this catching up article! If you haven’t watch the first official The Hunger Games teaser trailer yet, you should totally go ahead and check it out here!


Tona Dalhquist Speaks To WCNC On ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Homeland’ Extras Casting

Tona Dalhquist recently spoke to WCNC as the extras casting coordinator for ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Hunger Games’.

This year alone, she’s served as the extras casting coordinator not only for ‘Homeland’, but for the feature film, ‘The Hunger Games’. “In August, I know there were days where I actually posted on our Facebook page that over 600 people are filming in Charlotte today between the two projects,” Dahlquist said.

Those productions filmed in places like Freedom Park, which is featured prominently in ‘Homeland’s’ premiere. From the campus of Central Piedmont Community College, to areas of Shelby to the old Philip Morris Plant in Concord, the extras Dahlquist casts have gotten a tremendous taste of what television and moving making is all about.

“On every project I’ve worked on an extra does get upgraded to a speaking line so it is kind of like winning the extra’s lottery,” she laughed.

The days on set can be long and extras need to know up front they’re not going to get rich.

“An average project pays minimum wage for your first eight hours and then time and a half after that. Sometimes there are adjustments say if you come to a wardrobe fitting or if we gave you a haircut or if we’re using your vehicle,” she added. Dahlquist estimates, ‘The Hunger Games’ alone put roughly 3,800 extras to work and even though the feature film based on the wildly popular books has now wrapped, ‘Homeland’ is still shooting.

Don’t forget to read the whole article at for more information, including on how you can submit your details to apply as an extra.

Source: via The Hob.


CNN: What exactly is ‘Hunger Games’?

In an article titled “What exactly is ‘Hunger Games’?”, CNN gives a quick recap on what is “The Hunger Games” about and also couple paragraphs of quick recap on the movie castings and latest production news.

The content in article is probably what most of the fans had already known if you have been reading up on news everyday.

The plot revolves around a dystopian society where punishment for a previous rebellion has resulted in a televised event. One boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district (there are 12 total) are selected at random and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, where “tributes” must fight to the death until only one is left standing.

“The Hunger Games” gives us a heroine named Katniss, a strong-willed and unwavering spirit, who volunteers for the games in order to spare her younger sister. Once inside the death match arena, she must get down and dirty to outlive her competitors, but there’s one slight problem.

Her hot friend Peeta gets cast into the games, too. In the midst of all the slaying, Katniss finds herself embroiled in a love triangle with her longtime pal Gale, who is watching the games from his home, and Peeta, who confesses his love for her inside the arena. Katniss’ emotional turmoil of love or death makes Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” look like child’s play.

Apparently, Collins’ twisted plot came to her one night while she was channel surfing between a competition reality show and a news program about the Iraq war. She blended the two shows and “The Hunger Games” was born.

The first film of the franchise is slated for release on March 23, 2012, while the second film is already booked for November 2013. Fans can only hope director Gary Ross doesn’t soften the book, because the twists and turns will make for an edge-of-your-seat thriller. At this rate, the film is set to have more passion than “Twilight” and more action than “Harry Potter.”

It does seems to me though that the author of this article has appeared to believe romance to play a huge part in “The Hunger Games”. Otherwise, it’s certainly a quick read for you to catch up on what’s “The Hunger Games” before the movie comes out in Singapore on March 23, 2012.


Amandla Stenberg On “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games”

In an interview with Los Angeles Times 24 Frames, Amandla Stenberg shares on the training she had done for “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games”, life on “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games” sets, as well as what she had done when she auditioned for the role of Rue.

Amandla Stenberg

On training for “Colombiana”:

For “Colombiana,” in which her character escapes from the thugs who murdered her parents, Stenberg traveled to Mexico, Chicago and New Orleans and acquired some new skills, studying with David Belle, the founder of the climbing-and-jumping-based training known as Parkour.

“We worked on Parkour, running, jumping, climbing … and he’s the creator of Parkour, so I was really honored,” Stenberg said. “I [also] had to use my jumping skills to soar through the trees. I did some training for ‘Hunger Games,’ but not as much as the other characters who really had some big physical demands. I did some running and flips and some tumbling, and that was really fun.”

On life on the set of “The Hunger Games”:

“On ‘Colombiana,’ it was pretty much me for a lot of the time, so it was like a family and I became very close to the crew,” she said. “And on ‘Hunger Games,’ we are such a big cast, and we all became a family as well. We always hung out together. It was like a big camp, and I became friends with cast members like Jackie Emerson who plays Foxface and Dayo Okeniyi who plays Thresh — and now I have really good friends.”

On auditioning for the role Rue and she is a huge fan of “The Hunger Games” trilogy:

Still, when she first auditioned for the role of Rue, the youngest player in “The Hunger Games” and known for her sweet singing voice and a knack for working with herbs, she said she was very nervous. “I was a ginormous fan, and Rue was my favorite character! I remember thinking that I was so excited to see ‘The Hunger Games’ in March. I wasn’t thinking at all that I would be one of the main cast members.”

To prepare for the part — which requires her to spend a lot of time in the trees, hiding out from the older, stronger players of the fight-to-the-death game — Stenberg took a more Method approach. “My mom took some of my clothes and rolled them in the backyard with some dirt and some grass, and put leaves and twigs in my hair to try to make it look like I had been in the woods for a few weeks,” she said. “So when I met with Gary [Ross, the director], he said that he was very impressed that I had my own makeup and hair department.”

I’m loving the fact that she is such a huge fan of the books and she already had some training prior “The Hunger Games”. I don’t think it will be a problem for her to jump from tree to tree!

Do head over to Los Angeles Times 24 Frames to read the full article!

Sources: Los Angeles Times 24 Frames via Amandla Stenberg Facebook fanpage.


“The Hunger Games” Battles Its Way Up To HitFix No. 1

“The Hunger Games” tops this week HitFix’s Movie Power rankings, beating out other highly anticipated movies such as “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”.

Check out first five movies on the list below:

1. “Hunger Games” ( Last week: No. 5 )
I’ve been out in the woods for days! Can’t one of my sponsors drop a parachute with a rough-cut of the trailer or an EPK or something?

2. “The Dark Knight Rises” ( Last week: No. 6 )
With constant set-crashing threatening security, director Christopher Nolan (“Inception”) reportedly refuses to even write down the ending of the final film in his Batman trilogy. Maybe he doesn’t have one? Just kidding, you know he’s cooking up something good.

3. “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” ( Last week: No. 1 )
Robert Pattinson: Rock star? Taylor Lautner: Action star? However those career choices pan out, they’ll always have Forks.

4. “Man of Steel” ( Last week: No. 8 )
Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot leaves Chicago and heads to the Great White North, with shooting commencing in British Columbia, Truth, justice and the Canadian way? Plus, more Zod costume photos have leaked.

5. Steven Spielberg ( Last week: Not ranked )
With two high-profile film coming out in the next few months (“The War Horse” and “The Adventures of Tintin”), Spielberg still found time to win the PGA’s David O. Selznick Award. Plus, there’s the whole “Lincoln” movie he’s working on, now with more Jackie Earle Haley.

Do head over to HitFix to see which other movies made up the next ten movies of the Top 15 Power Movie Rankings list!

Source: HitFix.


The Hunger Games Trilogy Increases Scholastic’s Earnings

In a call held with investors and analysts regarding Scholastic’s earnings for this first quarter of the commercial year, “The Hunger Games” trilogy was often credited as one of the reasons Scholastic’s earnings is increasing.

We’re pleased to have achieved a strong start to fiscal 2012, putting us on plan to meet this year’s financial goals … Third, best-selling Scholastic books and e-books, including The Hunger Games trilogy, drove double-digit percentage growth in retail sales.

… In Trade, sales increased 10% from a year ago driven by several best-selling Scholastic series. First, The Hunger Games trilogy continues to sell very strongly in both e-book and print formats, partly driven by enthusiasm for the first movie in the series due out next March.

… We believe the continued success of our best-selling series, our pipeline of new titles, including Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, as well as the release of much anticipated movie versions of War Horse, The Hunger Games and The Invention of Hugo Cabret, will drive continued strong sales over the course of the year.

… Just as we have grown education sales over the past 10 years with new digital products and solutions, we continued moving forward to profitably grow Scholastic’s Children’s Books businesses through e-books and e-commerce …Scholastic’s own publishing remains a key source of best-selling quality books for our eReader as evidenced by the success of series like The Hunger Games.

I’m sure once “The Hunger Games” comes out in March 23, 2012, the publicity will drive more people to purchase the books to see what’s the fuss about besides watching the movie in cinemas and theatres alike!

Sources: The Hob Org via Scholastic.


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