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Paramount Shifts Eddie Murphy’s ‘A Thousand Words’ To Open On Same Day As ‘The Hunger Games’

The Wrap reported Paramount Pictures’s “A Thousand Words” which stars Eddie Murphy has been rescheduled to be release on March, 23, 2012, which is the same day as “The Hunger Games” will be opening, instead of the the original date, January 13, 2012. Paramount Pictures is perhaps releasing it less than one month after Eddie Murphy hosted the Oscars will have people remembering Eddie Murphy was the host and perhaps going to the theatres and cinemas to watch the movie which will help to boost the box office sales.

The Wrap article has a brief description of “A Thousand Words” as quoted below.

“A Thousand Words” is a comedy-drama about a man who learns that he has 1,000 words left to say before he will die.

Last time, Warner Bros​. had shifted “Wrath of the Titans” to the same opening date as “The Hunger Games”. However, not long after that, Warner Bros​. shifted “Wrath of the Titans” back to its original release date of March 30, 2012, perhaps realizing it would not be wise to release it on the same day which Lionsgate has already claimed for “The Hunger Games”.

Personally, I do not think this will affect “The Hunger Games” box office sales by much as these two movies,”A Thousand Words” and “The Hunger Games”, are of different genres and will attract different groups of crowds.

Source: The Wrap


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