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‘The Hunger Games’ Teaser Trailer Is Shown Before ‘1911’ Screened in Cathay Cineplexes

When Lionsgate ‘Abduction’, starring Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins and Alfred Molina, was released back in 22 September 2011, feedback from various Hunger Games in USA confirmed that ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer shown during MTV VMA was indeed attached to ‘Abduction’.

However, though it is unsure if ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer is shown before the movie screening of ‘Abduction’ in Singapore, we assumed this should be true for here too.

It appears not that ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer is not only showing before ‘Abduction’, but also before Jackie Chan’s 100th movie, 1911, as told by one of our readers who went to watch it in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

Perhaps ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer is shown before all movies that are screening in Cathay Cineplexes? This is an exciting possibility indeed with all the audiences exposed to the teaser trailer. Perhaps some will actually be curious enough to search about it online when they return home.

If you had seen ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer being shown before movies besides ‘Abduction’ and ‘1911’ and in cinemas besides Cathay Cineplexes, feel free to leave a comment below, email us at, or leave us a tweet on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook page!

-Vanora (Admin)

‘The Hunger Games’ Scheduled To Open In Singapore On March 23, 2012, Distributed by Cathay-Keris Films

Before Hunger Games Singapore fully started, it was noticed that has a ‘The Hunger Games’ movie information page which listed the opening date as March 23, 2012 and the local distributor as Cathay-Keris Films.

We decided to reach out to Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd (Singapore) Facebook Page to clarify. Cathay has confirmed with us that ‘The Hunger Games’ is scheduled to be released in Singapore on March 23, 2012 though they are currently not giving out any Mockingjay pins or The Hunger Games teaser poster.

Cathay Cineplexes Pte Ltd Confirmed 'The Hunger Games' Release Date

It is expected that ‘The Hunger Games’ will also be screening in all major cinemas besides Cathay Cineplexes.

However, if you would like to see ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster framed in the Coming Soon display, do head down to level 5 of The Cathay at 2 Handy Road! ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster was last spotted in main ‘Coming Soon’ spot along with other major ‘Coming Soon’ teaser posters for movies that will be released in 2011 and 2012 such as ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’.

Unfortunately, as Cathay Cineplexes forbids people to take photos of the posters, we are not able to post a picture of it in this post. I strongly encourage you to head down to level 5 of The Cathay at 2 Handy Road to see the poster or try your luck at other Cathay Cineplexes outlets!

If you do spot ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster at other cinema outlets besides Cathay Cineplexes, do send us a email at, or leave us a tweet on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook page!


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