Join Us – Become an Admin!

Do you love ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy?

Do you search for and keep yourself updated ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise related news everyday?

Do you love to write?

Do you have fantastic and creative ‘The Hunger Games’ related ideas for events which you would like to turn it into reality?

Would you like to meet and connect with ‘The Hunger Games’ fans in Singapore?

If your answer is YES, then WE WANT YOU!

Hunger Games Singapore is looking for driven and dedicated individuals who are huge fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise. We are looking for writers who are willing to dedicate their free time to updating Hunger Games Singapore as well as planning events in Singapore. This will be done entirely on voluntary basis.

What does it take to be a part of Hunger Games Singapore?
1) You’ll have to update Hunger Games Singapore daily during your free time with the latest news that are not posted yet on our site.
2) It’s best if you are residing in Singapore but we do welcome international fans who are willing to help out with updating Hunger Games Singapore on UK and US ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise news.
3) Preferably if you have feasible ‘The Hunger Games’ related event ideas and willing to organize and help out during such events.

What do I have to do before applying?
As you will be updating Hunger Games Singapore with latest news, we would like to see samples of your writing. Please write 2 separate news stories covering the 2 articles provided below in a Microsoft Word document. Name the Microsoft Word document using your name.

News 1 Source:

News 2 Source:

Treat writing the news stories in the Microsoft Word articles as you would do when you are contributing to our site. Each news story must have a proper heading and content with proper acknowledgement of news source. Picture(s) of the person/people mentioned in the article is preferred.

How do I apply?
Send us an email with the subject “I want to join Hunger Games Singapore!” to along with the information below and your news articles Microsoft Word document attached.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Occupation:
  • Country you are currently residing in:
  • Time of the day you are usually free:
  • Why do you love ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy:
  • Writing experience (if any):
  • Technical skills (if any, e.g. Java, HTML, Photoshop etc.):
  • Do you use WhatsApp?:

We look forward to welcoming new members into our Hunger Games Singapore family!

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