Mockingjay rumours!


After the previous rumour of Mockingjay possibly starting filming in September, news of Mockingjay is starting to roll out recently.

Have you ever dreamt of wearing amazing runway outfits? Having your hair done in an abstract and unique way? Or perhaps wearing extremely detailed make up that you only see in the movies?

If the answer is yes to any of these, then we want to meet you. We have an upcoming feature that requires amazing faces and bodies, and we are looking for people that can bring unusual characters to life.

Last time for this ‘science fiction trilogy turned film series,’ we had you put yourself on tape but because this one is vastly important, we are requiring we meet each of you in person. If chosen, please know this will be a long shoot, requiring multiple days.

Due to the detailed nature of this film, we are casting this project in stages. This round we are ONLY requesting those to submit between the ages of 18-40. We are sorry, but no children and no one over 40 at this time! (Those submission dates will be released at a later time).

If you are interested in submitting for this project, please e-mail Please include 3 pictures (head and body), your age, height, weight, and all contact info. Please put your gender, ethnicity and age in the subject box.
Example: Male, Caucasian, 31

Please list your availability this week in the body of the e-mail.

Even though the name “Mockingjay” or Hunger Games is not used in the article, it does sound like Mockingjay indeed. From what is being said, could the casting be for the capitol citizens?

William Levy seems to be in talks to join Mockingjay Part One. However this has not been confirmed yet by either Lionsgate or the guy himself.

I certainly hope that we will have more news on the casting as the filming date draws near!

Credits: CL Casting via The Hob. Latin Times via The Hob.


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