[SPOILER ALERT!] Catching Fire sets updates!

With the filming of Catching Fire taking place recently, we are getting more sightings, information of the scenes being filmed and possible spoilers.

I gave a spoiler alert as i felt that it is kind of obvious which scenes in the book that they are going to film. Do proceed with caution if you know that there are certain scenes or places where you want to remain unspoiled till the actual movie! 🙂

(There is a read more as this is sort of spoiler-ish in a way, and that it is really long!)

On an off topic note, we would like to wish all O and A Level students all the best for their upcoming exams! May the questions and odds be ever in your favour! 😀 

Up first is the sighting of the cast in their clothes.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson!

Yet another costume on set!

Just a thought, i thought that what Josh is wearing seems similar to what he has been spotted wearing before. Does it?

Up next is kind of a spoiler-ish thing… The set of the Victory Tour!

As we all know, the victory tour will take place in all the district. However, we don’t know if it means that all the districts will be shown or will they only show the district with the important events.

What district could this be from?

I think that that black rectangular in the almost middle of the photo could be showing something. Or perhaps it could be just a staff there to set up.

A photo said to be from the set of District 12 has surfaced online.

Would this be at the starting of the book? …Or the ending? It isn’t sure if this set is finished yet, or that this is just the beginning of the construction of the set. (The person that posted this photo has said that she is doing a photoshoot. So this could be a place at Atlanta, and not a set made by them especially for the movie.)

Even though the filming has ended at Atlanta’s The Goat Farm Art Center, the Justice Building is still standing. An Instagram photo can be seen below!

Other than the buildings, costumes, we have yet another insight into the movie! Which is… The vehicles!

Unlike in Hunger Games, where we saw only the trains, and hovercraft, Catching Fire does seem to be having more vehicles.

With the peacekeepers arriving by the hovercraft in Hunger Games, could they change to this mean of transport in Catching Fire?

There is another set in Marriott Marquis’s rooftop. Unlike the rooftop that we have seen on Hunger Games, this is much bigger, and the focus of the set seems to be in the middle of the place. (I think we only saw the edge in Hunger Games. Where Peeta and Katniss looked down? Do correct me if i am wrong!)

As seen on OLV

We have a few more photos from the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta where they are building an elaborate rooftop set for tomorrow’s Catching Fire shoot.

As you can see, they’ve finished the stage and runway, and added a green screen since our last look. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a glimpse at exactly what they are filming too!

We’ve also confirmed the productions crew setting up at old Pratt-Pullman Yard on Rogers Street in Northeast Atlanta are working for Catching Fire. According to one of our readers, @zachattachary, they’ve built several dwellings between the depots. They’ve also stacked rail cars on one side of the set to block it but there is a view accessible from the nearby walking trail. Based on these photos of Pullman Yards is does look like it would be a perfect location for the film.

As mentioned in the quote above, the Pullman Yards is set to be another location for filming. A photo posted by @zachattachary (which he said that it is a satellite image.) showed that the place does seem to be rather obvious for a certain district.

Could the rectangular white area in the bottom left area be constructed for Catching Fire?

The Hunger Games, rated PG13, was released on 22 March 2012 and DVD and Blu-Ray are now available. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is scheduled for release on 22 November 2013 in USA.

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Credits: Just Jared via HG Girl on Firesjlong15 via Hunger Games TrilogyMissPublicityNY via HG Girl On Firecobradoll via Hunger Games TrilogyPatriciaKalmeiji via HG Girl On FireOn Location Vacation via HG Girl On FireInstagram via @zachattachary.

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