Updates on locations for Catching Fire

As Catching Fire takes place in more locations as compared to Hunger Games, this has caused more locations that are going to be used in the movie.

One example would be the filming to be held at ‘The Beach’ at Clayton’s International Park.

The beach at Clayton International Park.

Parts of the second movie in “The Hunger Games” trilogy will be filmed over the next few months at Clayton’s International Park. The production brings with it demand for movie extras, moonlighting gigs for local police and work for local businesses.

“Catching Fire,” the second “Hunger Games” film, will shoot at a man-made water park known as “The Beach” because it was built as the beach volleyball venue for the 1996 Olympics. The park is being transformed into a post-apocalyptic setting for the movie, which is based on a book about children forced to fight to the death for food. Other parts of the movie will be shot in Atlanta and Hawaii.

Clayton County will be paid $80,000 in the deal it reached with Project GGX Productions Inc., according to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Additionally, off-duty Clayton police officers will earn $45 an hour for security, and a Clayton County Water Authority worker will be paid $75 an hour to drain and refill the park’s lake.

That beach certainly looks pretty! I wonder why they would need to drain and refill the park’s lake… If they wouldn’t be closing the whole park, perhaps we will get more insight and sightings of the cast and possible spoilers! 🙂


Just like in Hunger Games, the Justice Building also has a significant part in Catching Fire.


Picture of the Justice Building.

Unlike the Justice Building that was shown in Hunger Games, this has trees in close proximity of the building. Could this be from another district or has Lionsgate decide to give a different feel to the building? However, it is still building, so the answer could probably be only known at a later stage.


The place for the Capitol party scene has been said to be held at the Swan House.


The Swan House.

It has been said that the filming will take place during 26th, 27th and 28th September. The website has also said that they will be closed from 17th to 28th September.

The construction taking place at the area seems to be making it even more grand! (The two staircases at the bottom is constructed.)

The Hunger Games, rated PG13, was released on 22 March 2012 and DVD and Blu-Ray are now available. “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is scheduled for release on 22 November 2013 in USA.

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(Credits: Clayton International Park article on Atlanta Journal-Constitution via DWTC. Picture

Jeff_Holmes on Twitter via The Hob. Picture

Swan House website (for the first Swan House picture) via The Hob. Under construction photo.)



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