Translation of Good Morning Singapore videos!

As posted a few days ago, Good Morning Singapore has a review of The Hunger Games. Below is the translation of the video into English. If there are mistakes that i made, do tell me! Thanks! 😀 The parts that are in italics and in brackets are parts that i added in.

Female host: FH
Male host: MH
Guest speaker: GS

MH: Hello everyone! Tomorrow is saturday. (FH: Yes) So many people will be catching a movie. We are going to introduce 2 movies
today, and these movies are both adapted from novels. However, the style of the movies are totally different.
FH:Yes. As for how different they are, we would first like to introduce our movie critic: Huang Jin Yuan. Welcome!
GS:Good morning!
FH:Let’s watch a video now. The Hunger Games.

FH:This movie is so exciting!
MH: Yes. Very exciting. And a lot of friends are also waiting for it anxiously. Because this movie is adapted from a best-selling dystopian novel. A lot of friends have said that The Hunger Games will be the latest movie that teens are going crazy over. After watching the movie, do you think that our expectations are too high? Or is it really worth it to watch?
GS:Actually i feel that the anticipation would depend on whether the audience has read the novel. If you have read the novel, you might expect a lot from the movie. When you watch the movie in the cinema, there will be some commercial consideration made in the making of the movie. For example, there are some gory/bloody scenes, political parts, or not suitable for the young scenes, and so on. As this movie has to be sold internationally, so it has been watered down in the movie. Thus, when you read the novel, you will be more immersed into the story. Of course, if you have not read the novel, you will not have any expectations. When you go to see this movie, it will still be entertaining. Actually, it is quite entertaining.
FH:So does it mean that we shouldn’t bring the same expectation of the novel into the cinemas? (GS: Yes yes yes) This is a PG13 movie, but some of the parts/scenes in it will be very shocking. Some adults couldn’t handle it?
GS: In my opinion, everyone will have an expectation that, because this show/movie shows at the eariler part that the background is the government is very cruel. And thus, every year, he (President Snow) will want to play a game. Play The Hunger Games. The Hunger
Games is a little like Survivor which we see on the television, but this version of Survivor ends up with only one person surviving. In the midst of the games, everyone has to kill each other. But this is not really like Survivor, because there is no killing on the television, and this is a little abnormal.
FH:They actually backstab people. (in Survivor)
MH:This uses real weapons. It is more dark right? The theme is more dark. But there are people who felt that it is a youth movie after
watching it; a popcorn movie, so there is no layer/depth to it. Do you think that there are layers/depth in the movie?
GS:In this aspect, there are different angles/views to it. Firstly, if you have more research on political issues, then you could see the
underlying meaning of the author disagreement towards some bigger countries in the western side, which is to say, if you are a big
country, you can go and bully the smaller countries. If you belong to those that just want to see the young actors and actress acting, and don’t want to think too much, there is love being placed appropriately in the movie. In the movie, it also shows that if there is hope, there is love, there is determination, you can carry on living. So this is a very fulfilling movie.
MH:So we can see the light in the dark theme?
FH:Actually, i feel that the main leads are very cute. We can see him/her taking on the main part of the show. What do you think?
GS:The female lead has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Oscars. Even though she didn’t get the award, but i think that she will be the next shining star from Hollywood. We can see that despite many actors from this movie, only she has the solo poster, thus, i think that she will be the next star to look out for. Her performance has showed life to this character. Which is the determination and extremely calm nature in life. You couldn’t imagine, because in this movie, her character’s age is a 16 years old girl. She is able to show that she is so calm and mature. Thus, i think that her performance has both positive and negative aspects.
MH:So we can expect to see her in the upcoming Oscars?
GS:Yes. Perhaps there will be chances. There should be a chance if there are one or two more big films.
FH:There are other famous actors other than her that are so called the supporting actors and actresses?
GS:Yes. In this movie, there are quite a lot of supporting actors and actresses. I shall mention one of them, which is Woody Harrelson. I feel that for this kind/type of movie, basically everyone just have to have the novel, and as long as the story is very steady, it would be enough. I think that the crew has really gave this movie a lot of nutrients. Even in terms of the supporting actors and actresses, they
actually put in a lot of effort.
MS:How is Woody Harrelson’s role in this movie? Is it more violent?
GS:His role is throughout the entire series, i think this is because he is someone who is famous. If he wants to accept this role, he will not want to take on a bad role. Thus, in this movie, his role is actually counted as an advisor. Which is to say, he is counted as an advisor, and keep reminding those that are still alive. To the female lead, how should she do, then she will survive.
MH:So his role is also very important?

GS:Yes. Very. Yes.
MH:As mentioned before, this movie is PG13, but after people have watched it, they felt that it is very violent, and it is more dark. So
maybe it it not suitable for 13 years old children to watch? Do you think that this is okay? If the parents want to bring their 13, 14 years old children to watch together?
GS:After all, the original novel has already passed the age limit of 13 years old, even 21 years old. So if children have read the books,
this is something that the adults cannot control, but i think that when you are reading the books, this is something that you cannot control. But i think that after having the parents giving guidance to their children, the parents can bring their children into the cinema to watch, and teach them some correct values that can be found in the movie. For example, people should carry on and live, do no give up, and be determined.
MH:So this kind of movie can help to improve the parents and children relationship right? After catching the movie, the parents and the children can discuss the movie together. There is another movie that is going to make it’s debut soon………….


Note: Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for Best Actress and not Best Supporting Actress. The guest speaker might have made a mistake because he was too excited for this movie!

‘The Hunger Games’, rated PG13, was released on 22 March 2012 and is now available in all cinemas islandwide.

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