The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire iOS Pixel Poster

Don't they look the same? recently released an interview with Adam Saltsman, who Lionsgate is collaborating with to create The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire iOS Game!

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire is what film company Lionsgate calls a “teaser game” for the upcoming movie, based on the popular books. iOS indie superstar Adam Saltsman (Canabalt, Capsule) is leading a team of other indie superstars for the App Store release, including Mark Johns and Kevin Coulton (aka DOOMLASER), Paul Veer, and composer Danny Baranowsky.

It’s a different world now, one in which the official tie-in video game for a major motion picture is a game for phones, designed by a tiny team of people best known for games they made without publishers. It’s a game with a deliberate retro aesthetic, as you can see in the new “pixel poster” for the upcoming game (visible in full after the break). Author Suzanne Collins even chimed in with suggestions. How on earth did this all happen?

The rise of iOS gaming is a separate, and larger topic, but pinpointing the design of this particular one was much simpler. “From the get-go my inspiration and motivation for this, aesthetically, has been to just pretend I am making a movie tie-in game for the Super Nintendo, only actually fun to play,” Saltsman told Joystiq, explaining the look.

“So as far as the setting, and the story, and the things that are in the game, these things are all sourced directly from the film, and by extension the books, and we even got some guidance on specific ideas from Suzanne Collins herself. But visually our inspiration comes from classic Sega Genesis games, especially Treasure games, and even more modern pixel art games like you see coming out of WayForward the last few years.”

To read more of the article, please visit!

Here is the “pixel poster”!

What do you think of it? Will you be buying this game when it comes out? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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