Exclusive Interview: Jacqueline Emerson With Seventeen US

Here’s a portion of the EXCLUSIVE interview between Seventeen Magazine and our dear Jacqueline Emerson who plays Foxface in The Hunger Games.

      “Seventeen: ‘There is so much hype about the movie coming out March 23rd! Do you think it will live up to the books?’

      Jacqueline Emerson: ‘Yes, I think the fans will be really happy. I’m a fan and I’m really happy!’

      17: ‘Reading the books, were you Team Gale or Team Peeta?’

      JE: ‘I’m Team Katniss! It’s not really a love story. That’s not the focus. The entire time, you’re following the journey of this girl and there’s some love that goes along with it, but that’s not the huge factor in the first book. It’s more of a survival story. That’s why I like it so much.'”

Unfortunately, due to copyrights, it is illegal to post the whole interview here. So, simply head over to Seventeen.com for the rest of the interview!

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