Movie Mazzupial: Josh Hutcherson On ‘The Hunger Games’, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth And More

Josh Hutcherson at red carpet pf People's Choice Awards 2012

Movie Mazzupial had an interview with Josh Hutcherson while he was in Australia for ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ world premiere.

On preparing for The Hunger Games fandom:
“It’s hard. I don’t know if anyone can prepare for that kind of thing. I’ve never been part of a project that had so much anticipation surrounding it before we even started filming. It brings added pressure, but at the same time it makes you strive to work better and harder. I think we’ve done a really good job on the film and I hope people like it, especially the fans. In fact, I know they will.”

On how The Hunger Games differs from your everyday blockbuster:
“It’s serious and darker, which makes it all that more important.”

On working with Jennifer Lawrence:
“Jennifer is one of those people who can be herself in any situation and says what she wants. To meet someone as talented and beautiful as she is who’s like that is really refreshing.”

On reality television and its effect on society:
“I’m not a huge fan. I don’t watch a lot of TV in general and especially not the reality stuff. It’s interesting how people push themselves to the limit to get in front of the cameras. The idea they would push themselves to battle each other in a similar arena isn’t that much of a stretch.”

On stunt work and weapons training:
“In the beginning Peeta has a spear, but I get injured pretty early on so I don’t have to do too much of that.”

On The Hunger Games social commentary:
“The movie speaks a lot to the individual power of an individual and how a group of people can band together. Especially with what we’ve see at the moment with the 99 per cent fighting the 1 per cent in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, that’s very relevant. The Hunger Games series is an interesting commentary on that.”

On what strategy he would take if he had to compete in The Hunger Games:
“My family. I’d be driven like Katniss is and try to focus on getting back to my family and helping and supporting them.”

On being on board The Hunger Games sequels:
“For sure, as long as people come out and see the movie. I’m very excited about it. We need to make sure that people see the movie first before we get ahead of ourselves. But I’m really excited about it and where the story goes, especially for my character.”

Head over to Movie Mazzupial to read the full interview.

Source: Movie Mazzupial via Josh Hutcherson News.


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