‘The Hunger Games’ Topping Sales In Books Kinokuniya And BookWeb Singapore

Though we are 63 days away from the release of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie in Singapore, ‘The Hunger Games’ movie buzz is slowly building and spreading in Singapore. With the mouth of word as well as bookstores such as Times and Kinokuniya promoting ‘The Hunger Games’ with ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser poster board placed in strategical places which will attract readers to buy the books even if they have never heard of it before.

It’s apparent that the promotions and movie buzz are helping the sales for ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy are slowing creeping up on the sale charts for both Books Kinokuniya as well as BookWeb Singapore which is operated by Books Kinokuniya.

‘The Hunger Games’ is topping Children sales chart in Books Kinokuniya with ‘Catching Fire’ at Number 3, ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy UK children edition box set at Number 4 and ‘Mockingjay’ at Number 5.

On the other hand, while ‘The Hunger Games’ is topping the chart in BookWeb Singapore, ‘Catching Fire’ is ranked at Number 4 while ‘Mockingjay’ is not found on the list.

‘The Hunger Games’ will be released in Singapore on 22 March 2012.

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