MTV Predicts Five ‘The Hunger Games’ Related Forecast In Near Future

MTV has a new article where they predict 5 forecasts they can expect to hear from Lionsgate in the near future.

1. One more trailer
With just about two and a half months to go until the first film’s debut, we’d bet a silver parachute that fans will get to feast on one more look at Katniss, Peeta and Gale before the tributes enter the arena. What another clip would include, well, we’re less sure about that, but we wouldn’t mind a closer look at life in District 12 or a more detailed glimpse at the other 22 tributes.

2. A full soundtrack announcement
Swift, the Civil Wars, the Decemberists and Arcade Fire’s husband/wife duo of Win Butler and Regine Chassagne have all been secured for the T-Bone Burnett-produced soundtrack, but we suspect a few more artists will enter the fray before all is said and sung. I’ve already made my plea for Florence and the Machine, while NextMovie suggested acts like Snow Patrol and Regina Spektor for the much-anticipated album. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for this one.

3. The film’s premiere
Unless the apocalypse comes early, March 23 will be a blessed day for “Hunger Games” acolytes, as the flick will finally blaze into theaters. We expect more than a few faithful to camp out at their local cineplex for a midnight showing. And we’re more than ready to drool over whatever confections Lawrence wears on the red carpet during the movie’s premieres and publicity circuit.

Head over to MTV to check out what the last 2 forecasts are.

What do you think we will be hearing from Lionsgate in the near future?

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