Total Film Presents The Complete Guide To The Hunger Games

We are pretty sure anyone who is reading this article right now would have read ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy or at the very least ‘The Hunger Games’. However, if you are someone who had chanced upon this article or you have been hearing your friends or colleagues spouting words and phrases like Career, Capitol, Tributes, The Reaping etc. and have no idea what these mean, no worries. Total Film has put together “The Hunger Games: The Complete Guide“. It covers from short description about key characters in the books to main cast and staff working in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie. With this quick guide, you wouldn’t feel so lost again during conversations!

Suzanne Collins

1. Suzanne Collins

A 50-year-old mother of two, Suzanne Collins is the author of The Hunger Games. Before penning the novel, she spent most of her career working in children’s television, including scribbling stories for Clarissa Explains It All and Nick Jr. show Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

2. Camera shy

Somewhat fittingly considering the content of Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins is very rarely ever seen in public. Unlike JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer, she’s not welcomed fame, and often refuses to be filmed. She’s not even on Twitter…

3. Early praise

Collins’ first novel was Gregor The Overlander, the first entry in The Underland Chronicles. It follows 11-year-old Gregor, who finds himself dragged into an underground world populated by giant insects. With war on the horizon under the streets of New York City, Gregor goes on a quest that may lead him to his missing father.

4. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games was published by Scholastic in 2008. By February 2010, it had sold 80,000 copies. There are over 2.9 million copies in print. The plot is set in a distant dystopian future, where every year, children between the age of 12 and 18 have to fight to the death on TV for entertainment.

Head over to Total Film now to read the rest of it!

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