Deadline: Analyst Predicts ‘The Hunger Games’ To Rake In US$170 Million For North American Box Office

‘The Hunger Games’ will only be released in Singapore on 22 March 2012 and in US on 23 March 2012 but as promotions for the movie started rolling out, the word and buzz started getting even stronger too.

In a new set of predictions for 2012, Deadline reported Miller Tabak’s David Joyce predicted “Lionsgate should benefit from the growing interest in The Hunger Games leading up to its release in March. He expects the thriller to generate about $170M at North American box offices.”

Should ‘The Hunger Games’ rake in US$170M (S$218,121,705.53) according to the prediction David Joyce made, it would mean US$70M over the initial amount of US$100 which Lionsgate said ‘The Hunger Games’ would have to garner before sequels can be considered. Lionsgate had reportedly spent more than US$80M in producing ‘The Hunger Games’.

According to Deadline, two analysts had previously estimated ‘The Hunger Games’ will make US$150M in US domestic box office sales.

It appears with the movie buzz getting stronger, the predicted numbers that ‘The Hunger Games’ will earn in box office sales are rising too. With 78 days to left to go before ‘The Hunger Games’ begins its run in US, I guess we will find out soon if ‘The Hunger Games’ will go below or above the predicted numbers for “the world will be watching” indeed.

What do you think?

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Sources: Deadline via Down With The Capitol.


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