Russ Bowen Shares Arena Sketches And Pyro Application From ‘The Hunger Games’ Shooting Applications

If you have been following ‘The Hunger Games’ movie productions as closely as we are, you will certainly know who Russ Bowen is. As an anchor for 10pm news on MY40 and reporter for News13 at 11 in Asheville, Russ Bowen continues to keep Hunger Games fans updated regarding the production process by sharing clips, photographs and status updates whenever he could while ‘The Hunger Games’ was filming in North Carolina.

With ‘The Hunger Games’ heading into post-productions, things have been pretty quiet from a while but on 29 December 2011, Russ Bowen shared scans of several hand drawn sketches from ‘The Hunger Games’ onsite shooting applications.

These sketches below will contain layout out of Cornucopia so if you don’t like spoilers for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, it’s best that you don’t read on.

Which scenes do you think these sketches are for?

Russ Bowen went on to share the pyrotechnics application and pyrotechnics license for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie.

Pyrotechnics application questionnaire contains spoilers for the scene where Katniss destroys Career’s food supply.

Pyrotechnics application questionnaire

Pyrotechnics license

He had also provided a site map for North Fork Reservoir where Cornucopia scenes are shot.

North Fork Reservoir (Cornucopia scenes)

We certainly weren’t expecting such information so it came as a bit of surprise to us too.

What do you think of all these sketches and new information? Does it helps you to be able to imagine how the scenes would be like better?

We certainly can’t wait for ‘The Hunger Games’ release on 22 March 2012 in Singapore!

Many thanks to Russ Bowen for sharing all this information!


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