‘The Hunger Games’ Featured In January Issue Of Empire Magazine 2012 Spring Preview

In the January 2012 issue of Empire Magazine, ‘The Hunger Games’ is featured as a part of the 2012 preview for movies released in Spring.

Here’s a transcript of the magazine article provided by HG Girl On Fire.

The early hype portrayed this adaption of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy is another Twilight. There is, after all a sort of love triangle between lead character Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss and two male friends, Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta and Liam Hemsworth’s Gale. The story’s told from a teenage girl’s POV, and the books are a phenomenon. Look closer, however, and it’s nearer to Battle Royale, with teens randomly chosen to battle to the death in a technologically advanced arena as a means of keeping the wider populace in line. Only one can emerge victorious.

In other words, there’s previous little time for moping about with wolves or mooning over sparkly vampires. Lawrence’s Katniss is as tough as they come, an expert in hunting and archery before she even hits the Games, but she’s up against kids who are bigger and tougher, and who have, in some cases, been training for years to take part. Says Lenny Kravitz, who appears as Katniss’ secretly supportive stylist, Cinna, “It’s great storytelling, these kids being put in this complex situation of survival. I was on the edge of my seat, so if you’re 12, putting yourself in her place is completely captivating.”

For Lawrence, it’s not a million miles from her Oscar-nominated role in Winter’s Bone: tough girl, impoverished background, fierce determination to protect her younger siblings no matter what the cost. “Gary (Ross, Director) cast Jennifer, and i think he had in mind that she’s a really strong personality with an unusually keen sense of humour,” says Woody Harrelson, who plays Games survivor Haymitch, charged with mentoring Katniss and Peeta through their ordeal. “There’s something in her eyes that you can tell she’s a survivor, even though she’s young. She just has that in her eyes – and that’s Katniss.”

This is also a story on a much bigger scale than Twilight. Katniss’ journey takes her across the former US from her Appalachian home to the Capitol, somewhere in the Rockies. And while her home District is backward and impoverished, the Captiol is extravagant and outrageous, with the sort of haircuts and colours you’d usually only expect to see in The Wizard of Oz. “The sets are incredible, just amazing!” enthuses Harrelson. “Sometimes you don’t notice the hair and make-up as much in a movie because it kind of blends in, but particularly in the Captiol there were some wild concepts. Pretty much every aspect of this production had the best people in the business, and it was just a pleasure to see what they came up with.”

Which is not to say that it’s all pomades and couture. For Katniss to survive, 23 other kids will have to die, including the very sympathetic Peeta. There will be a lot of death but not, Harrelson assures us, gratuitous levels of gloom or violence. “I don’t see it as all that dark. It’s exciting, but not dark compared to a lot of what I see. It’s PG-13 dark. The death isn’t emphasized. It’s more about this incredible girl.”

Sources: HG Girl On Fire and @ItsLaurenRooney .

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