Variety: James Newton Howard To Replace Danny Elfman For ‘The Hunger Games’ Score

T Bone Burnett and James Newton Howard.

Variety reports that due to schedule conflicts, Danny Elfman will not compose the score of ‘The Hunger Games’ with T-Bone Burnett. James Newton Howard will replace Danny Elfman and work with T-Bone Burnett on ‘The Hunger Games’ score instead.

I’m afraid to say that I don’t know much about music though this is rather surprising considering we are only around 105 days away from release of “The Hunger Games” movie. That’s rather short amount of time to start from scratch if that’s what they are planning to do. James Newton Howard does have a pretty impressive portfolio too and you can check out a list of his works, including awards and nominations, over here.

Lionsgate has not commented on this sudden change yet.

What do you make of this? I’m still definitely looking forward to the score and soundtrack! Still no word regarding “Rue’s Lullaby” which is sang by Jennifer Lawrence though.

Source: Variety via Larry Richman

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