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Attention all Hunger Games Fans! Do you want to win yourself this awesome pack of Hunger Games Poker Cards?

Entry Details:

  • This contest is open to INTERNATIONAL FANS ONLY since The Hunger Games Poker Cards are only available in Singapore. Local fans, please refer to our previous post about The Hunger Games Snowglobe for details on how to obtain the Poker Cards.
  • This contest will run from today until the 10th of December 2011, 12AM SGT (11AM EST). Late submissions will not be entertained.
  • ‘Like’ us on Facebook for a  single chance to win.
  • Follow us on Twitter (@HungerGamesSG) for another chance to win.
  • Leave a comment and tell us how you found out about The Hunger Games trilogy for an additional chance to win.
  • One international winner will be picked randomly.
  • Please submit only ONE form.
  • User who submit more than one form will be disqualified.
  • Please do not panic and submit multiple comments if you do not see your comment appear. All comments are moderated so do give us time to moderate and approve the comments.
  • Winner will be picked using RANDOM.ORG.
  • We will not be held responsible if the prize, Hunger Games poker cards, is lost or damaged during the delivery.



Congratulations to Quynh Phan! You have won a pack of “The Hunger Games” poker cards! We have sent an email to the email address stated in the entry form you have submitted. Please check your email and reply us!

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  1. What do we say to enter?

  2. I actually first knew of The Hunger Games when I saw it in the bookstore, but I wasn’t interested in reading it. Then, I came across this article that said the Hunger Games would be made into a movie, which urged me to grab the book and just read. I thought, the book must be really great if it’s going to be a motion picture and I was right! The Hunger Games rocks, thank you Suzanne Collins 😀

  3. I found out about the hunger games from a teacher, and after that, I finished all three in about three and a half days

  4. its great that its open for international followers. may the odds be ever in your favor. ^^

  5. so excited for the THG movie and even the showing will be March 2012 and the catching fire will be on November2013(rumors said it) I want to be update on what is happening. REAL OR NOT REAL? ~REAL!!! yeah^^ this is it. No one can stop HG.

  6. I found out about the Hunger Games because of mt sister. She said they were really good books and that I should read them. I feel in love. Best. Books. Ever.

  7. On day Stephenie Meyer praised the book ” The Hunger Games” – Suzanne Collins and that’s why i was inquisitive of this book.
    Besides the Cover was for me an eyecatch as well 🙂 & after reading this I was mesmerized from this book ♥

  8. Huge fan – cards would be awesome. Found hunger games via Zite.

  9. I read about HG in a famous magazine here in Brazil. Searched it in google, and landed in a lot of fandoms. Today i am from the staff of the best hunger games website ( from brazil and i am proud of it! 😀

  10. I’ve heard so much about the Hunger Games Trilogie on Facebook and some other bookcommunities. So I was curious about the series which was going around the world. I bought all three books and then… they stood at my bookcase for over a half year.
    Someday, I picked the first book of the Hunger Games and the first book of the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and asked my Mum: “Shall I read the Hunger Games or the Mortal Instruments first?”
    My mother said: “Take the Hunger Games, this looks better!”
    So I’ve read the first book. I was sooooo impressed by this amazing story, so I’ve read the seconds book immediatelly and then the third one. I’ve read all three books within 10 days! It was so incredible, such a cruel story with amazing characters. When I read that it will become a movie I totally freaked out and I cried so much when I saw the trailer…
    May the odds be with you!

  11. I saw it in a bookstore and it seemed interesting. After reading it, I immediately fell in love with it! =)

  12. I found out about The Hunger Games at and read it as part of a Reading Challenge.

  13. I found out about Hunger Games by a random woman at the bookstore, who picked it up and handed it to me, telling me to read it. I never figured out who she is, but I owe a LOT to her.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Those cards are awesome.

  14. I heard that Stephenie Meyer, the author of Twilight, was obsessed with it. So I checked it out.

  15. I knew it is I want that the at first time I saw it
    ( My English is poor :(((((((( )

  16. OH NO!!
    I knew it is I want that at the first time I saw it =(
    My English is VERY VERY VERY poor…

  17. It was one year ago when I found out about The Hunger Games, searching for a new book to read on .
    Actually there were some negative comments about the cruelty of this book, but the plot sounded so interesting to me, so I bought the first and the second book on one day. Once I started reading I couln´t stop it, I totally got into the world of Panem.
    After finishing the first two books I had to wait until january this year to finallly get to read the third book in german.
    I just love it.

  18. Mmm, well I was actually in to the vampire theme (after the whole Twilight think I’d read Vampire Academy, Midnight, Vampire Diaries, etc) and some friends in a forum kept recommending me the Hunger Games and at firs I was a little reticent and skeptical but then I went to the library (october 2010) and saw The Hunger Games partially buried between Eldest and Hush Hush so I decided to give it a try as it was between such amazing books! And I couldn’t have done a better thing!! The were just great! And I’m completely in love with them!

  19. I first found out about The Hunger Games because of John Green. But I only really read it after Catching Fire came out and the internet practically broke because of it 🙂

  20. The Hunger Games is my addiction. Now I never leave the books (:

  21. Angelica Soriano

    I found out about Hunger Games through my school library. I saw it on the ‘New Books’ shelf about 2 years ago and borrowed it straight away xD

  22. THANKS for this contest!!

  23. I found out about the Hunger Games by some friends. Most of my internet friends have the same taste of books as me, so when they were all talking about The Hunger Games last year I decided to give it a chance, and now I’m obsessed with it!!

  24. That’s a very cool prize, thank you for this opportunity. I found out about The Hunger Games in a German reading rehearsal, weeks before it was released in my country. It was the reaping part, which ended with Katniss volunteering. It was so chilling, i googled the book, found out a sequel is about to be released in the US and UK, and purchased The Hunger Games with Catching Fire.

  25. One of my friends read them and told me I had to read them. I did and fell in love!

  26. I have Facebook to thank for the introduction to The Hunger Games, I “liked” a film or something at some point and they posted a link about the new film, intrigued I googled and googled and searched some more til I finally took the plunge and downloaded the first book, once devoured I got the rest and have been hooked ever since!!! #District4pride 😉

  27. I found out about the Hunger Games from a Vlogger on YouTube (

  28. My friends recommended it, and I bought the whole series from a book fair which takes place here. I really loved them!

  29. I found out about Hunger Games through YouTube reviews and it was also one of my Amazon recommendations 🙂

  30. Hi, Singapore! ❤ I first discovered The Hunger Games last summer, two months or so before the publication of Mockingjay. My friend Adam told me about the series after his friend Ariel — who has great taste in young adult books — had recommended it to him. The premise sounded so intriguing, I immediately went out and bought The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and read them over the span of just a few days. I then had to wait in agony for Mockingjay to be released! I went to a midnight release party at my local bookstore and bought it. And of course I started reading it THAT NIGHT… The rest is history! 🙂

  31. Found out The Hunger Games through Sam Tan(District 8 boy)’s fanpage! Went on his page because he was in the Far East Movement’s Rocketeer video xD But anyways..when I was reading the books, I just couldn’t stop! No matter where I stopped, it just left me hanging and left me thinking about what might happen next. Lots of my friends know about The Hunger Games now because I always talk about it and when the trailer came out I made sure everyone watched it xD

  32. I saw the books in my local bookstore and I found them very interesting. When I came home I searched about them in Google and the next day I went to buy them.
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  33. I found this contest in twitter! (:

  34. I found out about THG when my friends started bugging me about how good they were back in (2008?) when The Hunger Games was published

  35. I found out the hunger games trilogy from a friend who love the books.. So she convince me to buy the 1st one and then the rest its history! I cant stop! I totally love this saga! And we create @mockingjaycol (on twitter) and mockingjay colombia (on facebook) we are truly happy about it! *love an greetings from bogotá colombia*

  36. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    I actually got started on the triolgy when my middle school librarian had me read it to see if it was good and appropriate for it to be in our school. I’ve been hooked on it ever since and I’m in countdown for the movie!

  37. I actually found out about the series because of my best friend’s obsession, he always used to talk about this series, and how wonderfull it was, i was sick of not understanding a thing he said when he refered to trackerjackers, tributes, katniss or anything so I decided to read the 1st book for my book report in 8th grade, (2 years ago) I was so into the book, and read it in 2 days, got catching fire and read it in one day, and then mockingjay! Now im obssesed with the triology and me and my friend have our own fansite (we are still working on it) and now im spreading the hunger games love, and telling everyone to get obsessed with it ;D

  38. A good girlfriend made me read the first book. I really liked it and so i was really happy when the second and third book came out. I became a great fan and now i’m waiting for the movie and hope it’s gonna be fantasic.

  39. I found out about The Hunger Games from Stephenie Meyer’s website. It was one of her recommended reads.

  40. I found out about The Hunger Games from a german YouTuber called ‘xKarenina’. She made a book review of it and I bought it the same day. Never regret it 😉

  41. I discovered the Hunger Games due to my classmates who are very book lovers and they really like the trilogy. 🙂

  42. I discovered The Hunger Games when people started talking about the movie. I had heard some buzz around the internet before but it didn’t called my attention. So I decided to read the first book to see if it was good – and I had nothing to do since I was on vacation. So the next three days I just read and read and, when I realized it, I had read the whole trilogy and it left me wanting more! I became so obsessed about The Hunger Games that I decided to open a website: Panem Portugal, so everyone in my country can have all the international and national news about this amazing series!

  43. I’ve found out about The Hunger Games Trilogy in bookstores and when my cousins in UK started reading it. And that’s when I knew I have to read this book! I’m so glad I did!

  44. Found The Hunger Games on YA Lists on Goodreads, blogged about wanting to read them, and poof! A classmate had a copy and lent it to me. I’m now obsessed with it. 🙂

  45. Got hooked on THG since I read reccomendations about it from different authors since about a year or two ago. It has become a passion. I laughed, I cried, I felt everything reading it ❤

  46. I first heard of THG from my best friends but I didn’t read it until summer when I got curious about it and the title 🙂

  47. Great Contest.
    I Love The Hunger Games – I found the books in our Library when i was searching another Book & now i felt in love with the Books

  48. Mical Limcangco

    Anything related to The Hunger Games will always be AWESOME….

  49. I saw it in my Twilight books, which I really did liked to read. Once I’ve start reading them, I just couldn’t stop. It was an awesome experience.

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