‘The Hunger Games’ Full Trailer Will Debut On Good Morning America On Monday?

Spectulations of when ‘The Hunger Games’ full trailer will make its debut has been flying around. From rumors of “The Hunger Games” full trailer to make its debut on November 18, 2011 to “The Hunger Games” full trailer running time and rating was also revealed, to yesterday piece of news where Lionsgate requested for full trailer to be attached to ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1’, fans have certainly been expecting to get their first glimpse of full trailer on November 18.

Following a tweet sent from ‘Good Morning America’ account, saying that Thursday morning (Thursday night in SGT) broadcast of ‘Good Morning America’ will have a “special announcement about The Hunger Games”, fans were buzzing about what could it be?


Our ever trusty reporter for all things ‘The Hunger Games’, Russ Bowen, then tweeted that Thursday morning (Thursday night in SGT) broadcast of ‘Good Morning America’ will announce that the show will debut ‘The Hunger Games’ full trailer on Monday morning (Monday night in SGT).


Isn’t this exciting?! If it’s true, I sure hope kind fans will record it down and post it on YouTube for international fans to watch too!

UPDATE: We asked Russ Bowen where he got his news from and it appears that his source is none other than ‘Good Morning America’!


Thank you so much Russ Bowen for updating us with such exciting news!

-Vanora (Admin)


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