Woody Harrelson Talks About Playing Haymitch In ‘The Hunger Games’

Woody Harrelson

Los Angeles Times 24 Frames had a short chat with Woody Harrelson, who will play Haymitch Abernathy in ‘The Hunger Games’, recently regarding his portrayal of Haymitch Abernathy.

“It was my objective to give the character as much comedy as I could without it seeming not to fit,” Harrelson told 24 Frames. “I tried to take a certain comedic aspect and give a sense, through that, that he’s been through a lot and is anesthetizing himself as a result of that.”

Harrelson said that, even when he was playing Haymitch straight, he tried to put a more original twist on the character, particularly when it came to his look. “I didn’t want it to feel like just because he’s an alcoholic that he would look just like any bum on the street. So there are things that go against your expectation of what a washed-up guy would look like,” he said, somewhat cryptically.

If you are worried about Lionsgate adaptation of ‘The Hunger Games’ like me and many of the rest of the fans, here’s what Woody Harrelson has to say on this matter.

“The essence of the book is going to be in the film,” Harrelson said, adding, “It’s something we’ve never seen before. We have the best wardrobe, the best costume people, the best makeup people. There’s a level of commitment to innovation that [filmgoers] have never seen. I think they’re going to be very pleasantly surprised by it.”

I’m certainly much more hyped up (if that’s even possible) to see him as Haymitch Abernathy after this interview!

-Vanora (Admin)


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