Catch ‘Orphan’ In Cinemas During Golden Village Horrothon 2011 Edition

Isabelle Fuhrman will be gracing the big screens in Singapore on March 23, 2012, as Clove in ‘The Hunger Games’. Before you get to see her as the District 2 Tribute, here’s a chance to see her acting chops in cinemas!

Golden Village is hosting a “Horrothon 2011 Edition – The kids are not quite right!” on 28 October 2011, Friday, at Golden Village Plaza Singapura.

The horrothon will kick off with the year 2009 movie, ‘Orphan’, which features Isabelle Fuhrman playing the 9 years old orphan named Esther who was adopted by a family. However, it appears that Esther is perhaps not as nice and innocent as she seemed to be…

The horrothon will then be followed by the ‘Insidious’ that was released last year and ending with 2011 thriller, ‘Dream House’.

This is a good chance if you like horror movies and would like to see Isabelle Fuhrman on the big screens before ‘The Hunger Games’.

For more information, check out here.

-Vanora (Admin)


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