“The Hunger Games” Is Featured On The Huffington Post Top 10 Banned Books

September 24, 2011 marks the start of Banned Books Week which will ends on October 1st, 2011. Throughout this week, “Banned Books Week” hopes to gain awareness and celebrate the rights to read.

To kick off the start of Banned Books Weeks, The Huffington Post has created a infographic featuring the top 10 most controversial books in year 2010 and the reason that caused these books to have a place on the list.

Apparently “The Hunger Games” is on the list due to unsuited to age group, sexually explicit and violence. While I can get why unsuited to age group and violence appears as the reasons, sexually explicit certainly leaves me baffled. There wasn’t any sex scenes nor anything that comes near to suggesting there’s one. While there are some nude scenes, it was glazed over and it didn’t go into details at all.

What do you think?

Source: Scholastic Twitter



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  1. Maybe they’re talking about the part where Katniss has to go nude in front of Cinna?


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