Teaser of Josh Hutcherson Interview For MTV

MTV has launched a new feature called New Class Yearbook and it will feature young and rising stars.

Josh Hutcherson, who will play Peeta Mellark in “The Hunger Games”, is featured in this feature. MTV has released a teaser video of the interview as shown below and the full interview video will be released next week.

Accompanied with the video is an article with some content not from the video itself.

MTV: So let’s talk briefly about “The Hunger Games” and that crazy audition process.

Hutcherson: For the audition process, I came in the first time and read a few scenes for [director] Gary Ross and [author] Suzanne Collins and some of the other producers involved. Then maybe about a week or so, maybe two weeks later, I came in and did a screen test with [co-star] Jennifer [Lawrence], where I actually read the scenes with her so they could see how the chemistry worked. Both of them felt really great, but as an actor, you just pick apart every single thing that you do, so for me, I was on pins and needles waiting to find out. And then when I finally found out, my jaw hit the floor. I was so excited.

Do check out the full interview at MTV!

Many thanks to peenisseverlark from YouTube for uploading the video so fans such as us in non-US regions are able to watch it too!



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