Amandla Stenberg On “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games”

In an interview with Los Angeles Times 24 Frames, Amandla Stenberg shares on the training she had done for “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games”, life on “Colombiana” and “The Hunger Games” sets, as well as what she had done when she auditioned for the role of Rue.

Amandla Stenberg

On training for “Colombiana”:

For “Colombiana,” in which her character escapes from the thugs who murdered her parents, Stenberg traveled to Mexico, Chicago and New Orleans and acquired some new skills, studying with David Belle, the founder of the climbing-and-jumping-based training known as Parkour.

“We worked on Parkour, running, jumping, climbing … and he’s the creator of Parkour, so I was really honored,” Stenberg said. “I [also] had to use my jumping skills to soar through the trees. I did some training for ‘Hunger Games,’ but not as much as the other characters who really had some big physical demands. I did some running and flips and some tumbling, and that was really fun.”

On life on the set of “The Hunger Games”:

“On ‘Colombiana,’ it was pretty much me for a lot of the time, so it was like a family and I became very close to the crew,” she said. “And on ‘Hunger Games,’ we are such a big cast, and we all became a family as well. We always hung out together. It was like a big camp, and I became friends with cast members like Jackie Emerson who plays Foxface and Dayo Okeniyi who plays Thresh — and now I have really good friends.”

On auditioning for the role Rue and she is a huge fan of “The Hunger Games” trilogy:

Still, when she first auditioned for the role of Rue, the youngest player in “The Hunger Games” and known for her sweet singing voice and a knack for working with herbs, she said she was very nervous. “I was a ginormous fan, and Rue was my favorite character! I remember thinking that I was so excited to see ‘The Hunger Games’ in March. I wasn’t thinking at all that I would be one of the main cast members.”

To prepare for the part — which requires her to spend a lot of time in the trees, hiding out from the older, stronger players of the fight-to-the-death game — Stenberg took a more Method approach. “My mom took some of my clothes and rolled them in the backyard with some dirt and some grass, and put leaves and twigs in my hair to try to make it look like I had been in the woods for a few weeks,” she said. “So when I met with Gary [Ross, the director], he said that he was very impressed that I had my own makeup and hair department.”

I’m loving the fact that she is such a huge fan of the books and she already had some training prior “The Hunger Games”. I don’t think it will be a problem for her to jump from tree to tree!

Do head over to Los Angeles Times 24 Frames to read the full article!

Sources: Los Angeles Times 24 Frames via Amandla Stenberg Facebook fanpage.


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