The Hunger Games Trilogy Increases Scholastic’s Earnings

In a call held with investors and analysts regarding Scholastic’s earnings for this first quarter of the commercial year, “The Hunger Games” trilogy was often credited as one of the reasons Scholastic’s earnings is increasing.

We’re pleased to have achieved a strong start to fiscal 2012, putting us on plan to meet this year’s financial goals … Third, best-selling Scholastic books and e-books, including The Hunger Games trilogy, drove double-digit percentage growth in retail sales.

… In Trade, sales increased 10% from a year ago driven by several best-selling Scholastic series. First, The Hunger Games trilogy continues to sell very strongly in both e-book and print formats, partly driven by enthusiasm for the first movie in the series due out next March.

… We believe the continued success of our best-selling series, our pipeline of new titles, including Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, as well as the release of much anticipated movie versions of War Horse, The Hunger Games and The Invention of Hugo Cabret, will drive continued strong sales over the course of the year.

… Just as we have grown education sales over the past 10 years with new digital products and solutions, we continued moving forward to profitably grow Scholastic’s Children’s Books businesses through e-books and e-commerce …Scholastic’s own publishing remains a key source of best-selling quality books for our eReader as evidenced by the success of series like The Hunger Games.

I’m sure once “The Hunger Games” comes out in March 23, 2012, the publicity will drive more people to purchase the books to see what’s the fuss about besides watching the movie in cinemas and theatres alike!

Sources: The Hob Org via Scholastic.


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