Lenny Kravitz On The Cover of Delta Sky Magazine

Amanda, an admin over at The Hob Org was on a flight and discovered Lenny Kravitz being featured on Delta Sky Magazine with a short mention on how he had gotten the role of Cinna in “The Hunger Games”.

Without an audition, Ross offered him the plum role of Cinna, the fashion adviser to the main character, Katniss. “I’m like, ‘I’d be honored.’ And then he says, ‘Starring Jennifer Lawrence.’ Which is great because she was in X-Men with my daughter. They were filming in London, so they would come over on the Eurostar to Paris – seven or eight of them from the cast would come – and crash at the house for days at a time, and it was fun.” Kravitz literally shrugs here. “And Gary says, ‘Oh so you’ve already been kind of looking after her – that’s great.’”

Do head over to Delta Sky Magazine to check out more photos of Lenny Kravitz in Bahamas!

Sources: The Hob Org with cover from Delta Sky Magazine.



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