“Hunger Haters”

As the phenomenon that is The Hunger Games reaches fever pitch, fans have sprouted everywhere around the world. But, as the fandom thrives, another side to the fandom rapidly grows. Dubbed as “Hunger Haters”, this group of people aims to ban the books from libraries, spread the hate to everyone and anyone out there, as well as to antagonize fans of the wildly popular book trilogy.

However, though many of these ‘haters’ have a valid reasons as to why they dislike the books, some of their reasons are just shallow. For example, Hannah* posted her reason as to why she hates The Hunger Games on a ‘Hunger Hater’ Facebook page:

Screenshot taken from Facebook

In the words of British theatre star Eva Le Gallienne, “People hate what they don’t understand and try to destroy it.” Most of these haters most likely skimmed through the books, or have not read them at all. Though haters are inevitable, reasons such as the one above are ignorant and childish. Another ‘hater’, John*, posted:

“The Hunger Games is over-rated because it’s a rip-off of Battle Royale. Seriously, the author just copied and pasted the entire Battle Royale book and published it!”

For those of you who are not familiar with Battle Royale, it is a Japanese novel written by Koushun Takami in 1999. The novel, which is set in an alternate Japan, centres on a high-school class who is sent to an island where they are forced to fight to the death, as part of a military research project. Though the plot is extremely similar to The Hunger Games, readers of both books will find striking differences between the two books. Unfortunately, many of the haters cannot find it in themselves to care as to whether or not Battle Royale really is different from The Hunger Games. In fact, these ‘haters’ search up such similar material with hopes to tarnish the name of The Hunger Games.

But, whether you like it or not, The Hunger Games phenomenon (fans and haters included) is here to stay. With the release of the first Hunger Games movie looming, let us hope that it will be good enough to convince these ‘haters’ that The Hunger Games is more than just a typical young adult novel.

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– Trish (Admin)


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