Jennifer Lawrence “is a young Meryl Streep” said Lenny Kravitz

In an Us Weekly interview published on September 16, 2011, 47 years old single rocker, Lenny Kravitz, revealed that he was currently in North Carolina filming “The Hunger Games” and discussed what it was like working with Jennifer Lawrence who he compares to Meryl Streep, an award winning American actress. Read the excerpt from the interview below to find out more.

Lenny Kravitz

Us: One thing that has been interesting is that you’re also an actor now. You made a big turn in Precious. Are you looking to go more into acting?

LK: I really like it, I have to say. I was an actor when I was a kid and I gave it up for music because music was just it for me and now it just feels right. I’m in North Carolina right now filming The Hunger Games. I love it. The reason I think I love it is because I love being directed. With my music, it is extremely self-indulgent — I write it, I play all the instruments, I arrange it, I do all the stuff and so it’s all about me, which is fine, that’s what it is. I love being on the other end. I show up and I’m there to help somebody to bring out their vision and I really like that.

US: How has it been working with Jennifer Lawrence?

LK: Oh man, I shot a scene with her yesterday and it was just the two of us, where our characters meet, and she is unbelievable. I hate comparisons, but she is a young Meryl Streep. This girl is for real and just acting with her, it just brought it to a level where she pulled me in so deeply, and the scene just became so real and at the end we had to pop out of it. It was someplace we had gone into and it was really beautiful. I learned actually a lot from her yesterday and she is fantastic.

US: You knew her through Zoe before you started filming, right?

LK: Yes, and that makes it even more odd. She is a family friend and all of the sudden you have to be serious because when we are all together we are all quite silly. My daughter, her friends…we are quite a silly bunch, but it was great.

Us: What has it been like shooting your scenes in the Capitol world?

LK: I am going to leave that to surprise, I am sure the director would want to talk about it himself but he is an amazing director, he really has a way of pulling things out of the actors, he is an actor himself, so he comes from that, he was trained by the best. He is director that knows how to do everyone else’s job as well, so he knows what he is talking about and I like that because I identify with that. When it comes to music, I can get up on stage and play everyone’s parts for them, well because I play it in the studio, I can just identify with getting a grip on what is happening.

Us: Has the movie stayed true to the book do you think?

LK: I’ve only seen my part, but I think it is great.

It’s certainly to see people praising Jennifer Lawrence for her acting skills. All these just make me couldn’t wait to see Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen as Katniss Everdeen and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna! Don’t you think so too? Do tell us in the comments below!

Source: Us Weekly



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