Steven Soderbergh Talks About Being Second Unit Director For “The Hunger Games”

Back in August 4, 2011, Screen Rant reported that Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh is the second unit director for “The Hunger Games”.

Now during an interview with Jordan Hoffman who writes for UGO about his experience with working as second unit director for “The Hunger Games”.

Jordan Hoffman: I recall watching one of your commentary tracks – I’m nearly certain it was for Ocean’s Eleven – and you mentioned that one of the things that gives you the greatest joy in movies are small, transitional moments. Now the news that’s leaked out is out that you actually shot Second Unit on The Hunger Games! This is true?

Steven Soderbergh: Yeah, this is something Gary [Ross] talked about in April. I went down for two days to shoot pure Second Unit stuff.

Jordan Hoffman: Have you ever done this before for someone?

Steven Soderbergh: I think. . .I simply must have. I mean, I have so many director friends, and. . .

Jordan Hoffman: So they know to call you because you like doing it.

Steven Soderbergh: Yeah, I like doing it! And Gary and I have known each other a long time, we do favors back and forth a lot, and it is fun. My job is to go down there, talk to Gary, look at footage, the whole point is to match what he and Tom Stern, his DP, are doing.

Jordan Hoffman: You’re shooting sunsets. . .shots of trees?

Steven Soderbergh: No, just some images that don’t involve the principal cast. So, it is truly Second Unit stuff, stuff that Gary should not be spending time doing . . .in April he saw the board he said, “hey I’ve got these two days of pure Second Unit, what are you doing?”

Jordan Hoffman: So, like a mini vacation for you?

Steven Soderbergh: Yeah. It was fun.

Jordan Hoffman: Have you read the Hunger Games book?

Steven Soderbergh: Yeah, I did. She’s a good storyteller.

To read the full interview, do check out the article here.



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