The Hunger Games Wrapped In North Carolina

During the days when “The Hunger Games” was filming in North Carolina, Russ Bowen, an anchor for 10pm news on MY40 and reporter for News13 at 11 in Asheville, kept Hunger Games fans updated with the filming process through his Twitter account with occasional pictures. Though none of the updates are spoilery and some might even say vague, Hunger Games fans do take comfort in the fact that we do at least know what scenes are being filmed and where it’s being filmed on that day. These little updates let Hunger Games fans know the filming process is moving on and is something we can chew on while we impatiently wait for “The Hunger Games” to arrive in theatres and cinemas alike here in Singapore on March 23, 2012.

Four days ago, we reported that Elizabeth Banks, who is playing Effie Trinket has finished filming for “The Hunger Games”. Today, Russ Bowen tweeted that “The Hunger Games” has wrapped in North Caorlina!

The Hunger Games Wraps In North Carolina

After tweeting that, Russ Bowen tweeted a series of tweets regarding the filming and cast of “The Hunger Games” movie. Check it out after the jump!

We would like to thank Russ Bowen for updating us constantly throughout the whole filming process and we certainly hope this will not be the last time we hear from him!

Update: The folks over at has gotten a confirmation from Lionsgate that “The Hunger Games” has indeed wrapped on September 10th!



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