Down With The Hate: The Hunger Games Examiner adresses YA Fandoms.

Photo Credit: The Hunger Games Examiner Tumblr Site

Yesterday, The Hunger Games Examiner (Sara Gundell) posted up a letter on her site concerning hate between many of the YA Fandoms.

Dear fans of all the fandoms, this is an open letter asking you to please stop the hate. You may only be a fan of select fandoms — maybe only one fandom — but as a Fan (with a capital “F”) it’s important to remember, that when you get to the heart of it, we all share the same type of feelings towards these different subjects.

Over the last few years, I’ve witnessed different bouts of hatred between or towards certain fandoms. They flare up more potently from time to time, and for whatever reason, we seem to be experiencing another flare up right now.

Read the rest of Sarah’s letter here and follow her on Twitter!

-Trish (Admin)



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